A general trading focused on parts for Japanese, European&American vehicles
our business and its advantages

Tomoe Co., Ltd. was established in 1947 as an auto parts trading company.

We provide a stable supply of auto parts to about 400 companies. These include repair shops, parts dealers, auto dealers, makers of specialized vehicles, and government offices.
ISO 9001 registered
FS504017 / ISO 9001:2008

For Repair Shops and Retailers

What kind of parts are you looking for? No matter what your needs, let Tomoe Co., Ltd. meet your requirements with our huge inventory and delivery capabilities.

1)We have years of experience supplying parts, equipment, machinery, and tools to buyers such as repair shops.
2)We also provide a quick response if you are looking for specialized parts such as rare, hard-to-find parts for Japanese,European and American vehicles.
For Dealers in Specialized Vehicles

Large vehicles, heavy machinery, construction machinery, forklifts, and customized vehicles - whatever your need, let us meet your requirements for parts for specialized vehicles.

1)Parts for large vehicles used by bus companies, shipping companies, and warehousing companies
2)Parts for specialized vehicles such as heavy machinery, construction machinery, forklifts and customized vehicles
3)Parts for specialized public vehicles such as police cars and fire trucks.
For trading Businesses

We can meet your international needs through our extensive overseas network.

1)We supply Japanese auto parts worldwide.
2)We offer both negotiating power and advantageous delivery terms.
3)We deal with small lots.